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Cheap Domestic Flight To Tehran (THR)

  • Qatar Airways

    NYC 11 Aug


    THR 28 Aug

    $ 1040.00

  • Etihad Airways

    ORD 12 Aug


    THR 28 Aug

    $ 1110.70

  • Alaska Airlines

    HNL 11 Aug


    THR 24 Aug

    $ 1272.60

  • Turkish Airlines

    HOU 11 Aug


    THR 26 Aug

    $ 1005.60

  • Qatar Airways

    IAD 08 Aug


    THR 25 Aug

    $ 1133.70

  • Turkish Airlines

    ATL 11 Aug


    THR 22 Aug

    $ 1156.80

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 11 Aug


    THR 22 Aug

    $ 1055.10

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAX 11 Aug


    THR 22 Aug

    $ 1014.60

  • Qatar Airways

    LAS 08 Aug


    THR 25 Aug

    $ 1183.80

  • Qatar Airways

    YYZ 13 Aug


    THR 28 Aug

    $ 1513.84

Tehran Flight Information

Tehran Airports

Imam Khomeini International Airport

Tehran Airports IATA Code


Tehran City Name


Airlines Serving

Iran Air, Mahan Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa

Best Times to Visit Tehran

Tehran: An Overview

Tehran is the capital city of Iran that defines opulence and architectural perfection. It holds a 6000-year legacy under its name and is one of the oldest cities in the Persian Gulf. The city has skillfully blended the traditional with the modern, keeping intact the heritage while embracing the contemporary galore. The majestic Alborz mountain ranges in its background add to the prestige and serenity of the city.
Every street and turn tells the tale of Tehran. Tehran is a treat for the eyes, from its luscious bazaars to its extravagant landmarks. The city is brimming with events all year round, featuring contemporary art exhibitions, traditional performances, and a symphony of local music. Tehran must be on your bucket list if you are a travel enthusiast. The mouth-watering culinary delights with traditional Persian dishes promise a memorable adventure, and the delicacy in clothing must be relished. Start by making reservations for flights to Tehran, Iraq, with Skytripfare on a tailored schedule and budget for a great beginning to a wonderful journey.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

With Skytripfare as your loyal travel companion, set out on a smooth journey to discover Tehran and beyond. We make booking cheap flights to Tehran easy using our user-friendly website. You may easily begin your journey with economical plane tickets to Tehran in a matter of clicks. In addition to guaranteeing affordable choices, Skytripfare offers insightful travel guidance to improve your journey. With your trip plans in capable hands, navigate the magnificent landscapes of Tehran with ease. Plan, book, and immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Tehran through Skytripfare.

Tips for Finding Cheapest Flights to Tehran

Offers and Deals

While you book online airline tickets to Tehran, make sure to keep an eye out for special discounts and offers. Airlines often provide amazing deals for scheduling flight bookings well in advance. Sometimes, you can also save big on last-minute reservations. Skytripfare’s website keeps you updated on the latest offers and deals with various airlines.

Be Flexible

If you want to secure cheap flights to Tehran, you must be open to adjusting your itinerary. By being adjustable with your travel dates, you increase your chances of securing affordable flights to Thr and save big on your journey.

Travel During Off-peak Months

Try scheduling your travel around less popular months like July, August, or September when looking for flights to Tehran, Iran. You can find the greatest prices on tickets to Tehran during off-peak seasons when there are also fewer people and less expensive lodging options.

Examine Other Options

If you're looking for budget-friendly deals on tickets to Tehran online, consider choosing flights with layovers rather than direct ones. Often, taking a connecting flight to an alternate airport to the destination and then making the rest of the journey by road proves to be lighter on the pocket. You can make the most of your trip by exploring the layover cities, going shopping, and enjoying the local cuisine during your layovers.

Go Light

Pack light and use Skytripfare to compare airline baggage policies to save additional expenses. Examine free baggage limits and additional costs before choosing your airline when making travel arrangements to Tehran.

Best Time to Visit Tehran

Tehran invites visitors to discover its nooks throughout the year:

Springs : Springtime in Tehran is the best time to go on picnics in parks and gardens as the city comes to life with blossoms. Visit locations like Mellat Park and Jamshidieh Park in the springs for a cool outdoor experience and enjoy cultural activities in beautiful weather.

Summer : Take advantage of the pleasant summer times by taking a leisurely stroll through the lovely Tehran Book Garden or dining al fresco at neighborhood restaurants. Traditional music and a bustling nightlife bring the city to life and create a lively environment.

Autumns : Autumns in Tehran bring a mild and pleasant climate, offering an ideal time to explore the city's cultural and recreational delights. Take advantage of the season by visiting museums, historical sites, and art galleries.

Winter : Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of Tehran by visiting places of historical significance like Golestan Palace. Winter is the ideal season for going culinary exploration, trying local specialties, and warming up at quaint outdoor cafes.

Tehran is open to tourists all year long and provides a safe sanctuary for anyone looking for a tranquil getaway with a dash of excitement. You can be ready with your plane tickets to Tehran, as every season offers a distinctive fusion of historical, cultural, and scenic splendor, ensuring an unforgettable journey


Tehran: Fly with Major Airlines

Skytripfare is your all-inclusive destination for flights all over the world with major airlines. The intuitive website helps you filter out flights and schedules according to your preference on a very economical budget. Among the major airlines that regularly offer flights to Tehran, Iran, include Iran Air, Mahan Air, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Lufthansa. With Skytripfare, you can avail attractive deals and discounts when making reservations with these major airlines and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Tehran

1. Golestan Palace
The UNESCO World Heritage site, Golestan Palace opens doors to Tehran's magnificent history. Experience the intricate carvings, colorful patterns, and regal chambers that exhibit Iran's artistic abundance.

2. National Museum of Iran
Explore the depths of Persian civilization at the National Museum of Iran. You will encounter priceless archaeological finds there, historical relics, and exquisite artworks offering a window into the nation's distant past.

3. Azadi Tower
The Azadi Tower represents perseverance and freedom and is a prominent landmark in Tehran. Visit this famous site to watch panoramic views of the expansive city. Admire the architectural marvel of the place and the city surrounding it.

4. Sa'dabad Complex
Explore the medieval palace that is home to museums, galleries, lovely gardens, and the renowned Sa'dabad Complex. Wander through the former royal residence and discover the cultural treasures within its walls.

5. Tehran Aquarium
Discover a wide variety of marine life at the Tehran Aquarium and embark on an aquatic journey. The aquarium provides an entertaining experience for guests of all ages with its magnificent marine life and informative displays.


1. How to find cheap flights to Tehran?

Try scheduling your flights during weekdays, like Tuesdays and Thursdays, to get discounted deals on your tickets to Tehran. Book flights from Skytripfare to find the best airlines on a budget.

2. What are some traditional dishes to try in Tehran?

You must have kebabs, ghormeh sabzi (a herb stew), dizi (a meat and vegetable stew), and chelow kabab (grilled meat served with rice), which are some of the most popular Persian dishes.

3. Are there any nearby day-trip options from Tehran?

Yes. You can enjoy nearby escapes like Persepolis, Kashan, and Qom, which are one-day journeys back and forth.

4. What are the transportation options in Tehran?

Tehran's public transit system is quite convenient and includes the metro and buses operating effectively. There are also plenty of taxis available.

5. What are some famous shopping spots in Tehran?

Tehran offers vibrant shopping experiences in places like Grand Bazaar, Tajrish Bazaar, and Palladium Mall. These areas are known for a variety of traditional crafts, spices, and modern retail outlets.

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