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Orlando Flight Information

Destination Airports

Orlando Intl. Airport

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Airlines Serving

Avelo Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines

Cheap Domestic Flight To Orlando

  • Frontier Airlines

    ATL 16 Apr


    MCO 30 Apr


  • Frontier Airlines

    HOU 16 Apr


    MCO 30 Apr


  • Spirit Airlines

    FLL 12 Apr


    MCO 27 Apr


  • Frontier Airlines

    ORD 16 Apr


    MCO 30 Apr


  • Frontier Airlines

    DEN 13 Apr


    MCO 25 Apr


Best Times to Visit Orlando

The best time to visit Orlando is from March to May. Skip the high airfare and hotel rentals of the high season (December to March) and embrace the pleasant climate. The upper-temperature sways between the lows of 70s°F and 50s°F. With families and couples trying to make the best of the holiday season, tourism in Orlando catches its peak from December to February. The temperature stays in the comfortable range with the upper limit in the 70s°F and the lower limit in the 50s°F.
Frequent light showers and breeze make it more pleasant. The average number of rainfall days per month is 10 and the average wind speed is 6 miles per hour. The destination sees the most crowd around Christmas and New Year. If you prefer less crowded, skip the festive times. Orlando, popularly referred to as “the City Beautiful” is one of the most visited destinations, so you should always confirm your flight and hotel reservation at the earliest to pay reasonably.

Airports in Orlando

Orlando International Airport

Airport’s IATA Code: MCO

About the Airport: Orlando International Airport is a major public airport in Florida. It handles over 850 daily flights with 44 airlines. The airport also serves 135 domestic and international destinations.

Location: The airport is located 6 miles (10 km) southeast of Downtown Orlando.

Airlines Operating Flights to Orlando

Below is the list of airlines followed by the cities they connect with Orlando.

  • Avelo Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines

Climate in Orlando

Orlando has hot and humid summers, and cool to mild winters. The season of summer starts in May and lasts until September with the temperature hovering between 86.2°F and 88.5°F. August is the warmest month (with the highest average high temperature at 91°F. September onwards the temperature starts dropping until January with the average temperature equivalent to 68.5°F. The humid temperature (72% to 76%) and high rainfall (3.23" to 5.31") makes summer uncomfortable for traveling. The city receives most of its rainfall in July and August. The rainfall, temperature, and humidity all start reducing from September onwards and that makes the season perfect for tourism.


Months: May, June, July, August, September

Temperature (Upper): Temperature (Upper): 86.2°F to 88.5°F

Humidity: 72% to 77%

Rainfall: 3.23” to 5.31”

Wind speed: 6.0 to 5.2 miles per hour


Months: December, January, February

Temperature (Upper): 72.1°F to 72.5°F

Humidity: 54 to 58%

Rainfall:1.54” to 1.73”

Wind speed: 5.2 miles per hour


Months: October, November

Temperature (Upper): 83.1°F to 76.1°F

Humidity: 75 to 76%

Rainfall:2.28” to 1.46”

Wind speed: 6.2 miles per hour


Months: March, April

Temperature (Upper): 72.5°F to 76.3°F

Humidity: 70 to 72%

Rainfall: 1.34” to 2.01”

Wind speed: 5.5 to 5.8 miles per hour

Top Attractions or Things to Do in Orlando

1. Walt Disney World Resort

2. SeaWorld Orlando

3. Aquatica water park and Discovery Cove

4. Fun Spot Orlando and Kissimmee

5. I-Drive 360 on International Drive

6. Madame Tussauds

7. Sealife Aquarium

8. Universal’s Volcano Bay

9. The Wheel at ICON Park

10. Spaceship Earth

Flight to Orlando: Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the flight to Orlando?

Check the flight distance and flight time from a few popular cities to Orlando

Flight route Flight distance Flight time

Flight route
Flight distance
Flight time
Seattle to Orlando 2550 miles (4103 km) 4 hours 58 minutes
Honolulu to Orlando 4747 miles (7640 km) 10 hours 00 minutes
New York City to Orlando 941 miles (1514 km) 2 hours 23 minutes
Chicago to Orlando 985 miles (1584 km) 2 hours 09 minutes
Phoenix to Orlando 1846 miles (2971 km) 3 hours 41 minutes
Los Angeles to Orlando 2211 miles (3558 km) 4 hours 19 minutes

Do you offer flight coupons to Orlando?

We make flight discount coupons or flight promo codes available on this page as per our marketing goals. The coupons are displayed at the top of this page. Every flight coupon comes with its terms and conditions. Use a valid flight coupon on the checkout page.

How to book cheap flights to Orlando?

Airfares tend to increase as the departure date approaches near. Factors like weekends, departure during peak hours, and festivals also have an impact. We recommend booking your domestic flight tickets at least 18 days in advance and international tickets 30 to 40 days before. In case you are bound to book a last-minute flight, try to compare the fares during different slots of the day from morning to night to find the best flight deal.

How to survive the flight to Orlando?

Wear flexible dresses made up of stretchable fabrics to avoid any discomfort while sitting for extended hours. Keep your favorite podcast or book. Audiobooks are the best options and there is no dearth of options on the cloud.

How to get through airport security fast when flying to Orlando?

Reach your departure airport at least 2 hours before the flight departure time. During the festive season, add extra time to avoid any stress due to the crowd. It helps you to check in your baggage, go through the security screening and be at the departure gate in time for your flight.

What is the rainy season in Orlando?

The month with the highest number of rainy days is March (6.9 days). The month with the least rainy days is June (1 day).

What is Orlando's hottest month?

June and July are the hottest months in Orlando. In July, the average high temperature is almost the same as in June - a still tropical 90.9°F (32.7°C).

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