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Cheap Domestic Flight To Taipei (TPE)

  • Turkish Airlines

    NYC 16 Jun


    TPE 02 Jul

    $ 1472.40

  • United Airlines

    ORD 18 Jun


    TPE 04 Jul

    $ 1624.40

  • Philippine Airlines

    HNL 21 Jun


    TPE 04 Jul

    $ 1336.50

  • Turkish Airlines

    HOU 22 Jun


    TPE 01 Jul

    $ 1532.60

  • Alaska Airlines

    IAD 21 Jun


    TPE 03 Jul

    $ 1664.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    ATL 20 Jun


    TPE 01 Jul

    $ 1642.40

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 18 Jun


    TPE 02 Jul

    $ 1742.30

  • Asiana Airlines

    LAX 19 Jun


    TPE 04 Jul

    $ 1430.20

  • Alaska Airlines

    LAS 21 Jun


    TPE 01 Jul

    $ 1450.00

  • Philippine Airlines

    YYZ 16 Jun


    TPE 06 Jul

    $ 1781.74

Taipei Flight Information

Taipei Airports

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Taipei Airports IATA Code


Taipei City Name


Airlines Serving

EVA Air, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Delta Air Lines

Best Times to Visit Taipei

Taipei: An Overview

Taipei, the prospering capital of Taiwan, with Japanese colonial lanes and old architecture, is one of the tourist favorite places where history and modernity coexist. The city of Taipei offers a captivating travel experience tucked away between luscious mountains and a lively metropolis. This vibrant city smoothly combines modern living with its rich cultural legacy, making it a special tourism destination. From ancient temples to cutting-edge technology, Taipei has something for every visitor. The city casts a spell with its colorful districts, scrumptious street cuisine, and a wealth of cultural treasures.

Taipei has everything you might want, the peace of a traditional tea ceremony, the buzz of bustling night markets, or the calm of verdant parks. The city's modern skyline is studded with prominent structures, demonstrating its explosive economic boom. With convenient access to cheap flights to Taipei through Skytripfare, embark on a memorable journey to this dynamic city.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

Plan your adventure by booking plane tickets to Taipei with ease through Skytripfare. It takes only a few clicks to make a Taipei flight reservation. We run through hundreds of options to provide you with the best and most affordable flights to Taipei for your ideal vacation. Plus, our expert team is available round-the-clock to help you with any queries you have related to the bookings. With the help of Skyrtripfare's travel suggestions, discover Taipei's hidden gems on a budget.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Taipei

Embark on your economical journey by booking affordable plane tickets to Taipei with these simple tips:

• Flexible Travel Dates: Keep flexibility in your schedule when looking for flights to TPE. Your vacation itinerary might be changed but with significantly reduced expenses. If you're looking for more affordable solutions, consider traveling during the off-peak seasons.

• Fare Alerts: Set up fare alert notifications to be informed about changing airline ticket costs. These notifications will keep you informed of any price changes for the dates of your choice, enabling you to take advantage of and book online airline tickets to Taipei at Skytripfare without burdening your pocket.

• Book Early: To get the best deals, it's better to book your flights to Taipei long in advance. This gives you access to less expensive options before costs increase.

• Midweek Travel: Traveling midweek often results in lower airfare compared to weekend flights. Keep this in mind when selecting your departure and return dates.

• Skytripfare's Filters: Utilize the Skytripfare search parameters to narrow down your options when looking for flights based on criteria like stopovers, airlines, and departure times. Finding the best and most affordable flights is now simpler.

• Consider Other Airports: Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, being a major one may sometimes offer costlier plane tickets to Taipei as compared to other smaller airports in the city. Thus, before booking check multiple airports according to your preferences and then opt for the one which is most worth the value.

Best Time to Visit Taipei

Taipei's climate offers different attractions throughout the year:

• Spring: Enjoy pleasant weather with cherry blossoms in full bloom, ideal for outdoor activities.

• Summer: Experience vibrant festivals, night markets, and a buzzing atmosphere.

• Autumn: Discover Taipei's cultural heritage amid cooler temperatures and colorful foliage.

• Winter: Explore indoor attractions, soak in hot springs, and savor seasonal delicacies.

Taipei: Fly with Major Airlines!

Traveling to Taipei is convenient with major airlines offering flights to this remarkable city. Reputable carriers like EVA Air, China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines provide a variety of options for travelers. Whether you prioritize comfort, flexibility, or exceptional service, these major airlines ensure your journey to Taipei is nothing short of extraordinary. Book your cheap flights to Taipei today and embark on an adventure filled with cultural richness and urban vibrancy.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Taipei

1. Taipei 101: Admire the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, which held the title of the world's tallest building for many years. The observatory offers stunning 360-degree views of the city.

2. Longshan Temple: This temple is renowned for its elaborate Buddhist halls and altars that are a must-visit. It was a place of worship for the Chinese settlers.

3. National Palace Museum: Visit the National Palace Museum to check out the vast collection of Chinese artwork and historical relics that spans thousands of years of history.

4. Ximending: Take a stroll through the lively streets of this popular entertainment and shopping district, renowned for its youthful vitality and street acts.

5. Daan Forest Park: Dann Forest Park is the largest public park that gives a forest-like experience to tourists. This park with multiple recreational amenities, is an amazing destination to explore while on a picnic or having lunch.


1. Is a visa to travel to the city of Taipei?

Depending on your country of residence, Taiwan has different vis requirements. Many visitors from qualified nations can enter Taiwan without a visa for brief stays. For the most recent information on visas, contact the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO).

2. What is the currency used in Taipei?

The New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) is the currency in use in Taipei.

3. What dishes are a must-have on a trip to Taipei?

The street food of Taipei is unmissable. Don't miss trying delicacies from neighborhood stalls and night markets like beef noodle soup, stinky tofu, bubble tea, and several kinds of dumplings.

4. Are there any worthwhile day trips from Taipei?

Yes, you should think about taking day trips to places like Jiufen, Shifen, or Yangmingshan National Park for a change of scenery and special encounters away from Taipei.

5. What is the transportation available in Taipei?

Taipei has an excellent public transportation system, including buses and the Taipei Metro (MRT). Consider purchasing an EasyCard for convenient and cost-effective travel on both systems.

6. What is the temperature like in Taipei?

Being an island city, Taipei experiences a subtropical climate. Look into the weather forecast and plan your trip accordingly. Summers can be hot and humid, while winters are cooler and drier.

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