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Cheap Domestic Flight To Shiraz (SYZ)

  • Emirates

    NYC 16 Jun


    SYZ 01 Jul

    $ 1553.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    ORD 16 Jun


    SYZ 03 Jul

    $ 1839.10

  • Alaska Airlines

    HNL 17 Jun


    SYZ 04 Jul

    $ 1904.30

  • Emirates

    HOU 17 Jun


    SYZ 03 Jul

    $ 1929.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    IAD 17 Jun


    SYZ 01 Jul

    $ 1375.80

  • Turkish Airlines

    ATL 16 Jun


    SYZ 02 Jul

    $ 1702.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 19 Jun


    SYZ 04 Jul

    $ 1902.90

  • Qatar Airways

    LAX 18 Jun


    SYZ 30 Jun

    $ 1574.60

  • Qatar Airways

    LAS 18 Jun


    SYZ 30 Jun

    $ 1710.20

  • Air Canada

    YYZ 16 Jun


    SYZ 03 Jul

    $ 1477.94

Shiraz Flight Information

Shiraz Airports

Shiraz International Airport

Shiraz Airports IATA Code


Shiraz City Name


Airlines Serving

Iran Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Mahan Air, Air Arabia

Best Times to Visit Shiraz

Shiraz: An Overview

Shiraz holds a legacy of 2000 years and once used to be a thriving hub of trade. Shiraz has been a haven for art and is one of the oldest cities in Ancient Persia, nestled in the southern heart of Iran. Known for its luscious gardens, enthralling poetry, and fragrant blossoms, Shiraz has preserved its historical charm through time. The city's rich tapestry, from the ancient Persepolis to the tranquil Eram Garden, offers a glimpse into the grandeur of Persia.
Shiraz is a celebration of Persian hospitality, literature, and art. You will be forced to let go of its extravagant grandeur with the colorful crafts and spices that adorn the busy alleys of the Vakil Bazaar. The air is filled with the perfume of Persian food, luring you in to indulge in sweet treats and meals laced with saffron. Make your booking for tickets to Shiraz and embark on a journey right away to uncover the many mesmerizing views of the city.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

With Skytripfare as your reliable travel companion, set out on a smooth adventure to discover the marvels of Shiraz and beyond. Utilize our website’s intuitive interface, making it simple to book cheap flights to Shiraz with major airlines in just a few clicks. In addition to offering affordable options, Skytripfare provides insightful travel guidance to improve your trip. Skytripfare provides a secure transaction experience so your reservation information for plane tickets to Shiraz remains encrypted, ensuring privacy and boosting reliability. Plan your vacation with ease, get your tickets, and explore Shiraz's enthralling charms.

Tips for Finding Cheapest Flights to Shiraz

Grab Promotions and Offers
When purchasing plane tickets to Shiraz, keep an eye out for exclusive deals and discounts. Airlines usually offer good discounts for last-minute or early reservations. Visit Skytripfare's website frequently to stay informed about the most recent deals and discounts.

Remain Adaptable
You should be adaptable with your travel arrangements if you want to secure cheap flights to Shiraz. To get the greatest offers, adjust your travel dates as and when affordable options arrive. Weekdays and off-peak hours like day flights often provide for more economical options.

Examine Alternative Choices
Look for flights with layovers rather than direct ones if you want to have a budget-friendly travel to Shiraz. Sometimes, it's more affordable to land at alternate airports and make the rest of the journey by road rather than having a direct flight. Take advantage of layovers to shop, sample local food, and discover new towns.

Off-peak Season Travel
Try booking your flight during off-peak seasons when the destinations are less crowded, and airlines offer discounted rates. Months like August and September make for an ideal vacation month with cheap flights to Shiraz and a plethora of options from major airlines.

Pack Light
Save on additional expenses by packing light. Use Skytripfare to compare airline baggage policies and sort your luggage accordingly. Check free baggage limits and extra charges before selecting your preferred airline when you book online airline tickets to Shiraz.

Best Time to Visit Shiraz

With a compelling blend of culture and history, Shiraz welcomes visitors all year round and provides unique experiences for each season. The ideal season to visit Shiraz is spring (March to May) when the city is decked out in vibrant flowers and the weather is mild. This is the perfect time of year to visit historic buildings, stroll in gardens, and attend cultural events.
Another great season to go is in the autumn, from September to November when the weather gets softer and the scenery takes on a golden tint. It is appropriate for visiting outdoor sites such as Pasargadae and Persepolis.
Shiraz experiences a chilly winter season (December to February) with sporadic showers. It remains less crowded during this season, so recreational activities and site visits can be a bit more fun.

Shiraz: Fly with Major Airlines

Are you looking for a comfortable, rich journey with luxurious facilities but under a budget? Well, Skytripfare has got your back. Use the innovative and user-friendly interface to book pocket-friendly flights to Shiraz with prominent airlines like Iran Air, Mahan Air, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Lufthansa. Skytripfare ensures you access attractive deals and discounts when booking with these major airlines, ensuring a pleasant and budget-friendly journey.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Shiraz

1. Persepolis
Admire the magnificence of the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, which is decorated with enormous structures and elaborate carvings. This renowned location is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which gives you a sneak peek into the ancient wisdom of this land in the Persian Gulf.

2. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
Also known as the Pink Mosque, step inside this vivaciously colored space, making you feel teleported inside a kaleidoscope. Look through its stained glass windows to see the breathtaking play of light and color.

3. Eram Garden
This Persian wonderland is peaceful to be in. Eram Garden is surrounded by cascading water, luxuriant foliage, and the historic Qavam House. It's the perfect place for a leisurely walk and cultural exploration.

4. Shah Cheragh
Let spirituality seep through you at Shah Cheragh. Shah Cherag is a revered glittering shrine, home to the tombs of Imam Reza's brothers Ahmad and Muhammad. The intricate mirror work creates a captivating ambiance at this place, which is a must-visit.

5. Vakil Bazaar
This historic bazaar offers a union of trade and history. Explore its busy streets decorated with classic Persian architecture, and go shopping for handicrafts and mementos made regionally.

Stop waiting, lay out the plan, reserve your tickets to Shiraz with Skytripfare, and visit this mesmerizing Iranian land to go on an exciting cultural and historical getaway



1. Where to get cheap flights to Shiraz?

Look no further than Skytripfare when looking for economical flights to SYZ, that are customized to your schedule and itinerary. Skytripfare hosts major airlines that provide you with comfortable and cozy flights to worldwide locations at a discounted rate.

2. What are some lesser-known gems to explore in Shiraz?

While exploring Shiraz, venture to the secluded Narenjestan Garden, a hidden gem showcasing exquisite Qajar-era architecture and citrus orchards. Additionally, the mesmerizing Saraye Moshir, an ancient caravanserai turned cultural complex, offers a serene escape from the bustling city.

3. Which local delicacies are unmissable in Shiraz?

Indulge in Shirazi specialties like Faloodeh, a refreshing Persian sorbet with vermicelli noodles and rose water, and savor Shirazi Salad, a delightful mix of cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and herbs, capturing the essence of Shiraz's culinary richness.

4. What are some interesting facts about Shiraz?

Shiraz’s name has been derived from a Persian word meaning Persian Wine.

5. What is Shiraz known for?

Shiraz is historically renowned for its crafts, inlaid mosaic work, silverware, carpet weaving, rugs, blankets, and a rich legacy of scholastic literature. On your visit to Shiraz, you can shop for authentic Iran-made items as souvenirs or decorative items.

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