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Cheap Domestic Flight To Santiago De Los Caballeros (STI)

  • Frontier Airlines

    NYC 06 Aug


    STI 21 Aug

    $ 269.00

  • American Airlines

    ORD 06 Aug


    STI 21 Aug

    $ 367.50

  • Copa Airlines

    HNL 05 Aug


    STI 24 Aug

    $ 893.63

  • Spirit Airlines

    HOU 06 Aug


    STI 18 Aug

    $ 463.00

  • American Airlines

    IAD 07 Aug


    STI 22 Aug

    $ 502.50

  • Frontier Airlines

    ATL 04 Aug


    STI 21 Aug

    $ 272.50

  • Frontier Airlines

    DFW 04 Aug


    STI 21 Aug

    $ 247.50

  • American Airlines

    LAX 04 Aug


    STI 21 Aug

    $ 487.50

  • Frontier Airlines

    LAS 06 Aug


    STI 23 Aug

    $ 440.50

  • American Airlines

    YYZ 07 Aug


    STI 21 Aug

    $ 591.34

Santiago De Los Caballeros Flight Information

Santiago De Los Caballeros Airports

Cibao International Airport

Santiago De Los Caballeros Airports IATA Code


Santiago De Los Caballeros City Name

Santiago De Los Caballeros

Airlines Serving

Spirit, Delta, United

Best Times to Visit Santiago De Los Caballeros

Santiago De Los Caballeros: An Overview

Called “Ciudad Corazón” by the locals, Santiago De Los Caballeros, or Santiago for short, is one of the oldest colonial cities in the world, and yet is today a thriving modern city. Here, you can participate in vivacious festivals, experience the vibrant Dominican life up close and personal, enjoy breezy, sun-kissed sandy beaches, and explore majestic colonial monuments.
Book your flights to Santiago De Los Caballeros to participate in the many music and dance festivals, drive by vast sugar and tobacco plantations, and bask in the glorious tropical weather. Santiago is a heady combination of natural beauty, colonial architecture, and modern development that ensures there are plenty of things for everyone to do.

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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Santiago De Los Caballeros

Fly on Weekdays
Everyone wants to fly on the weekend so that they can reduce their days off from work; however, those flights are usually the most expensive. If you want to book cheap flights to Santiago De Los Caballeros, avoid weekends and holidays and choose weekdays.

Book in Advance
The earlier you book, the cheaper your flights are likely to be. Airlines usually offer low fares because the demand is very low; the fares start going up as the travel date approaches. Plan beforehand and book early to save more.

Flights with Layovers
Spending a few hours at new airports can be quite adventurous! Hopping flights with layovers are usually cheaper than direct flights. Look for flights to STI that have layovers, and you’re likely to get cheaper tickets.

Fly at Odd Hours
If you’re a night owl, you will find this option agreeable. Flights that take off between 12 am to 6 am are unpopular among travelers and hence priced lower than flights that take off at regular times. You can save a good deal by choosing to book these tickets.

Watch out for Sudden Reductions
Airlines may announce price reductions all of a sudden, and you need to keep a watch for these tickets. You can either subscribe to our newsletter—which will send you alerts whenever prices drop—or keep checking the Skytripfare portal regularly to see if such fares are available.

Best Time to Visit Santiago De Los Caballeros

Santiago De Los Caballeros can be pretty warm in the summer and also experiences heavy rainfall in the rainy season.

● December to March: This is the best season to visit this tropical haven as the weather is very pleasant, and it’s a great time for outdoor activities.

● June to August: Summertime temperatures are a bit higher than the “winter” season, but if you’re aiming for that natural bronzed look, you can definitely fly down in this season.

Santiago De Los Caballeros: Fly with Major Airlines!

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest plane tickets to Santiago De Los Caballeros or the most convenient flights for you, Skytripfare will help you do it. Our portal has a powerful search engine that searches through thousands of flights and curates the best fares for you. If you’re more particular about comfort, don’t worry! Skytripfare has flight information from over 500 airlines, which include some of the world’s best airlines. Sit pretty while Skytripfare works hard to get you the flights you want.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Santiago De Los Caballeros

1. Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration of the Republic : Situated on a hill to the east of the city, it is the most popular destination for visitors. A colorful and iconic place, it is a 70-meter-high marble-covered tower with 365 steps. Surrounded by lush gardens, it’s a great picnic area too.

2. La Aurora Cigar Factory : Take a tour of this factory and see the intricate process of how cigars—one of the city’s major exports—are manufactured. This was the country’s first cigar factory, set up in 1903.

3. Calle El Sol : If you’re looking for a complete local shopping experience, bargaining and all, head to this street. Nearby, there are plenty of eateries, museums, gift shops, and monuments.

4. Catedral de Santiago Apostol : This beautiful nineteenth-century Cathedral is not just a place of worship, it houses the tombs of Dominican freedom fighters. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and the exquisite stained glass windows, marble statues, and the breathtaking effects of the multi-colored illumination that is done after dark.

5. Centro Leon : A cultural center with an auditorium, cafeteria, lounges, media library, and four exhibition rooms, you can learn about the local culture and history and pick up a few curios from the shop on the premises. Stroll in the gardens and explore the many sculptures, birds, plants, and reptiles.


1. When are tickets to Santiago De Los Caballeros the cheapest?

A: The month of February is when you are likely to get the best fares on flights to Santiago De Los Caballeros.

2. Can I get a refund if I cancel my tickets?

A: Skytripfare allows you to cancel your tickets within 24 hours of booking to get a full refund; if you cancel beyond this window, you are not likely to get a refund.

3. Ideally, how many days will I need to explore Santiago De Los Caballeros?

A: You can see most of what the city has to offer in three to four days, but if you want a truly relaxing holiday, we recommend you plan for one week.

4. What food should I try in Santiago De Los Caballeros?

A: Dominican rice, fried fish; Sanoccho, a type of stew with 7 types of meat; la bandera dominicana, a combination of rice, red beans, and stewed meat, plated to resemble the national flag; Mofongo, made with pork and mashed plantain, and yaniqueque, a kind of savory tortilla, are the most popular local dishes you should taste.

5. What should I buy in Santiago De Los Caballeros?

A: Santiago is famed for its cigars and rum; if you don’t smoke or drink, you can buy these to gift to someone who does. You can also head to the Mercado Modelo to purchase locally-made art, jewelry, and merengue instruments.

6. Is Santiago De Los Caballeros a family-friendly place?

A: Yes, Santiago has plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy. There is a water park, plenty of green spaces, and parks for picnics, museums, and more.

7. How can I get to Santiago de Los Caballeros from Cibao Airport?

A: There are 24/7 buses, the TurBus and Centro Puerto that run from the airport to the city. Additionally, you can hail taxis or rent cars.

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