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Cheap Domestic Flight To Mumbai (BOM)

  • United Airlines

    NYC 11 Aug


    BOM 27 Aug

    $ 1051.65

  • Etihad Airways

    ORD 12 Aug


    BOM 27 Aug

    $ 778.65

  • Qatar Airways

    HNL 11 Aug


    BOM 26 Aug

    $ 1372.05

  • Turkish Airlines

    HOU 11 Aug


    BOM 26 Aug

    $ 943.75

  • Air India Limited

    IAD 13 Aug


    BOM 29 Aug

    $ 836.25

  • Ethiopian Airlines

    ATL 11 Aug


    BOM 25 Aug

    $ 902.77

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 11 Aug


    BOM 25 Aug

    $ 938.35

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAX 11 Aug


    BOM 26 Aug

    $ 961.75

  • Swiss International Airlines

    LAS 12 Aug


    BOM 29 Aug

    $ 1028.55

  • Qatar Airways

    YYZ 14 Aug


    BOM 29 Aug

    $ 1549.18

Mumbai Flight Information

Mumbai Airports

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport

Mumbai Airports IATA Code


Mumbai City Name


Airlines Serving

Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Federal Express

Best Times to Visit Mumbai

Mumbai: An Overview

Mumbai, a cosmopolitan metropolis, is where dreams come to fruition. Over the years, this sprawling city, nestled along the Arabian Sea, has evolved into India’s hub for finance, commerce, and fashion. Its skyline is a captivating blend of old-world architectural marvels such as the Gateway of India, Bombay High Court, Mount Mary's Basilica, and The Taj Mahal Palace, harmonizing seamlessly with modern marvels like One World Trade Centre, Lodha World One, The Imperial, Adani Inspire, and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The heart of tourist attractions lies in South Mumbai, encompassing gothic Victorian structures, art galleries, and renowned cafes and restaurants. As the birthplace of Indian Cinema, Mumbai proudly serves as the hometown of numerous celebrities, attracting fervent fans eager to catch a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood stars. When exploring the city, pay homage at Mount Mary’s Church, indulge in retail therapy on Linking Road and Crawford Market, capture the iconic Gateway of India in photographs, savor the famous local delicacy, vada pav, and as the sun sets, head to Juhu Beach to bask in its beauty. As night descends, immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of the Queen’s Necklace, a crescent-shaped boulevard along Marine Drive.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare:

Booking flight tickets involves tons of research work. When you decide to visit a new destination, several good things might cross your mind. All you want is an amazing holiday with loads of memories inclined with relaxation. While you take the backseat, we will drive you to your dream destination. We at Skytripfare are professionals in this area, and our website is driven by the latest technology and fast filters which do heaps of heavy research within the blink of an eye.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Mumbai

1. Plan your travel:
Travel planning is the first step towards budget travel. Multiple airlines serve the Mumbai International Airport, so you might crack cheap flights to Mumbai. We advise you to book 35 days ahead of your visit, and this way, you may get a cheaper direct flight alternative.

2. Check your travel days:
Travel is directly affected by demands. Mumbai is a multicultural city, and people from various beliefs and cultures live in the city. Prior to making a flight reservation, it's advisable to verify the local events and festivals. For example, September marks the celebration of the Ganpati festival, during which flight prices tend to soar. It's recommended to steer clear of booking flights on weekends and instead consider Tuesdays as the optimal day for securing budget-friendly airfare.

3. Keep extra time:
While the idea of booking a non-stop flight to Mumbai may initially captivate you, we’d like to offer an alternative suggestion. Opting for a direct flight typically comes with a higher price tag compared to flights with layovers. Therefore, unless your travel plans are time-sensitive, it’s advisable to consider flights with stopovers and allocate some extra time. This strategy can help you save money on your journey.

4. Check for alternate airports:
While you book online airline tickets to Mumbai, always check for other departure airports. Often, prices vary from one airport to another. Keep this point in mind, and you will be amazed to see the substantial reduction in prices.

5. Join the loyalty program:
Skytripfare is the best alternative for flight bookings, and you can opt for our loyalty program and get rewarded with coupons and redeem them every time you book flights to BOM.

Best Time to Visit Mumbai:

1. May is the hottest month in Mumbai, with temperatures touching 300 C (86°F), while January is the coldest month with 240 C (75°F).

2. Mumbai is well known for its monsoon, which starts from June to August, with July being the wettest month, recording around 640mm of rainfall.

3. Book your plane tickets to Mumbai in winter as the best time to visit the beautiful island city is from October to February when the city experiences the pink cold weather.

Fly to Mumbai with leading airlines!

If you have plans to travel to India’s financial and commercial hub, connect with Skytripfare and let us take care of the rest. For an unforgettable journey and delightful holiday experience, visit our website. You will be amazed to get the best offers on flights to Mumbai for your next visit.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Mumbai

1. Gateway of India: The Gateway of India is an iconic arch monument overlooking the Arabian Sea. It stands as a symbol of historical significance and architectural grandeur.

2. Sanjay Gandhi National Park: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, situated in Mumbai's urban sprawl, is a verdant oasis teeming with diverse flora and fauna. It offers a serene escape into nature and is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and hikers.

3. Film City: Film City is a sprawling complex that serves as the heart of India's thriving entertainment industry. It’s where countless Bollywood films, television shows, and advertisements come to life, making it a hub of creativity and cinematic excellence.

4. Jehangir Art Gallery: The Jehangir Art Gallery is a revered institution in India’s art scene, showcasing a wide array of contemporary and traditional artworks. It has played a pivotal role in promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Indian art and culture for decades.

5. Elephanta Caves: The Elephanta Caves, located on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbor, are an ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for their exquisite rock-cut sculptures and cave temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. These caves are a testament to India’s rich artistic and religious history, drawing visitors from around the world.


1. What is the traffic like in Mumbai?

Mumbai’s traffic is legendary, with its bustling streets and constant congestion, but it’s also a vibrant reflection of the city’s dynamic energy and diversity. Navigating the chaos is a skill, and the city never truly sleeps, with a rhythm of its own on the roads.

2. How to travel in Mumbai?

Between taxis and rikshaws, the best mode would be the black and yellow auto rikshaws. These are cheap modes of transport and transparent in terms of fare charges as it rounds on the meter. Unlike the local trains, the yellow and black three-legged vehicle gives you the relief of enjoying various sights that can be done while you sit. The auto drivers are friendly, so do not miss to ask them about the nearby attractions.

3. How is the Mumbai street food?

Witness the astounding queues at Mumbai’s street food stalls, where the city’s culinary fame shines, featuring delectable treats like vada pav, golgappas, poha, dosa, and more. These street vendors offer a culinary treasure trove of authentic flavors and spices that trace back to the city’s gastronomic heritage. The challenge lies in making the right choice. Prioritize hygiene by opting for bustling stalls, as crowds often signal quality and freshness. Also, exercise caution with water-based chutneys, as their shelf life tends to be limited.

4. What are the no-selfie zones in Mumbai?

As you visit the city, you will be compelled to take a zillion pictures and flood your Instagram with selfies. Due to a spate of incidents, Mumbai has restricted over 16 zones where taking selfies is punishable. Be watchful and check for the signs and banners, as they are for a reason.

5. Can I bargain in Mumbai?

Bargaining in street markets is an enjoyable experience. Vendors often try to charge tourists extra, but once you start negotiating, they’ll treat you like a local. Don’t succumb to fixed prices, and be prepared to engage in some bargaining discussions.

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