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Cheap Domestic Flight To Madinah (MED)

  • American Airlines

    NYC 06 Aug


    MED 26 Aug

    $ 1137.46

  • Ethiopian Airlines

    ORD 08 Aug


    MED 25 Aug

    $ 1244.28

  • Qatar Airways

    HNL 12 Aug


    MED 24 Aug

    $ 1661.72

  • American Airlines

    HOU 08 Aug


    MED 24 Aug

    $ 1147.56

  • Egyptair

    IAD 06 Aug


    MED 26 Aug

    $ 1362.12

  • Ethiopian Airlines

    ATL 07 Aug


    MED 22 Aug

    $ 1024.58

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 11 Aug


    MED 22 Aug

    $ 1076.86

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAX 06 Aug


    MED 22 Aug

    $ 1068.76

  • Qatar Airways

    LAS 12 Aug


    MED 22 Aug

    $ 1531.26

  • American Airlines

    YYZ 06 Aug


    MED 26 Aug

    $ 1190.20

Madinah Flight Information

Madinah Airports

Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Madinah Airports IATA Code


Madinah City Name


Airlines Serving

Saudia, Flynas, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Air Arabia

Best Times to Visit Madinah

Medina: An Overview

The second holiest city for Muslims after Mecca, Medina welcomes millions of pilgrims every year. Known as the 'City of the Prophet,' it is where Prophet Muhammad migrated in 622 CE and established the first Islamic state. Home to iconic architectures like Masjid al-Nabawi, Quba Mosque, and Baqi al-Gharqad cemetery, Medina teaches valuable Islamic history.
Beyond the religious significance, Medina has plenty for visitors to explore - from ancient forts showcasing 12th-century Islamic architecture to remnants of old Madinah like Mashrabat Umm Ibrahim Mosque. To the north of Medina lies the Al-ʿUlā Reserve, where tombs, water wells, and inscriptions dating from the Lihyanite and Nabataean kingdoms beg to share secrets of days gone by. From feast dishes like Tharīd and Biryani to souvenir shopping for dates, rugs, or perfumes, Madinah offers immersive cultural experiences.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

On Skytripfare, you can compare flight prices, timings, durations, and baggage allowances to pick the most suitable Medina flight. Our travel agents assist you in customizing trips, recommending places to visit, suggesting accommodation, and local transfers. You can book cheap flights to Medina online or call us. You only need to enter your destination and date in our search bar.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Medina

1. Book Early
Booking your flights to Medina 3-4 months in advance allows you to avail huge discounts on airfares. Airlines offer cheap promotional fares to fill seats well ahead, which is a great strategy for budget travelers seeking cheap flights to Madinah. The earlier you book plane tickets to Madinah, the greater your chances of scoring a bargain deal, giving major savings on your trip.

2. Opt for Connecting Flights
Instead of direct long-haul flights, consider options with layovers. Flights to MED with one or more connections often work out much cheaper. You also get the chance to explore a new transit destination. While it does mean longer travel time, the savings make it worthwhile. Some popular connections to Medina from the US are via Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, or Riyadh. Ensure all your visas are in place before booking airline tickets to Madinah with layovers.

3. Avoid Peak Seasons
Medina sees massive crowds and soaring flight ticket prices during Ramadan and Hajj. Being the peak season, demand far outstrips air travel supply to MED, pushing fares higher. Wherever possible, plan your Medina trip to avoid these extremely busy seasons. You save money on accommodations, too, as hotel tariffs shoot up during festivals owing to heavy tourist influx.

4. Travel Mid-week
Fridays and weekends naturally have higher air passenger movement compared to the rest of the week. Most people plan weekend getaways, and office travelers fly back before Friday. Opting for mid-week plane tickets to Madinah is a prime way to score cheaper deals and discounts. Lesser demand makes airlines drop fares to fill seats. An added advantage - attractions & restaurants are also less crowded!

5. Redeye Flights
Grabbing red-eye flights is a key tactic used by budget travelers worldwide. These flights depart late at night or early morning when air traffic is generally lean. To compensate for lower occupancies, airlines offer discounted tickets to Madinah on these off-peak schedule flights. Be ready to trade sleep for savings! Ensure you pre-book airport transfers for such odd-hour arrivals.

Best Time to Visit Medina

Summers are characterized by extremely hot temperatures with a lot of humidity and are not ideal for visiting.
The months of March-May have mild temperatures and pleasant days and are ideal for making your pilgrimage.
The months of September-November are also pleasant, and you can explore the city on foot.
November-February can get a bit cold, as is the norm in most deserts.
The Islamic holy month of Ramadan sees a sharp increase in crowds, and flight prices as most Muslims aspire to make the pilgrimage in that month.

Medina: Fly with Major Airlines!

Saudia, FlyNas, Flynade, EgyptAir, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, and Air Arabia operate regular flights from major cities worldwide to Medina through King Abdulaziz International Airport. Skytripfare offers you the choice of over 500 international airlines; enter your preferences and make a smart decision. Compare and book online air tickets to Madinah now through Skytripfare!

Top 5 Places to Explore in Medina

1. Masjid al-Nabawi
This iconic mosque lies in the heart of Medina and is one of the largest mosques in the world. The striking green-domed al-Masjid an-Nabawī houses the tomb of Prophet Muhammad, making it the second holiest site for Muslims. Spreading over 88,000 sqm, it can accommodate up to 1 million pilgrims during peak seasons like Hajj. An architectural mix of Ottoman and Abbasid eras, it has 10 minarets - the oldest dating to the 12th century when the mosque underwent massive expansion under the Ummayads.

2. Mount Uhud
This iconic mountain was the site of the historic Battle of Uhud, fought in 625 CE between Muslims and the Meccans. Particularly important to Islamic history, it remains a popular Islamic pilgrimage site today with Uhud Mountain visitor facilities. Climbing Uhud will reward you with panoramic views of the entire city.

3. Quba Mosque
Located on the outskirts of Medina, Quba is believed to be the first mosque established in Islamic history. Ordered by Prophet Muhammad, the mosque holds immense religious significance as the chosen site for the Prophet's first prayers when he arrived at this oasis town. Historians believe the original mosque built on this site in 622 CE was a simple affair with mud bricks.

4. Jannat al-Baqi
Jannat al-Baqi is a historic cemetery dating back over 1400 years. It houses the graves of Prophet Muhammad's relatives and companions, including his wives, daughters, grandchildren, and other family members. The name means 'Garden of Heaven'. It remains an active burial site with over 10,000 tombstones, some inscribed from the 8th-century rule of Caliph Al Saffah.

5. Masjid Qiblatayn
With its unusual shape, this mosque, located within 200m of Masjid Al Nabawi, represents the change in Qibla – the direction faced during prayer. The original part facing Jerusalem remains intact, while an extension faces toward Mecca, the current Qibla. This symbolism makes Masjid Qiblatayn a historically significant site representing a key moment in Islamic history under the Prophet’s guidance.


1. What is the best way to travel within Medina?

Taxis, Uber, and the metro are convenient ways to travel within Medina.

2. What traditional dishes should I try in Medina?

Tharid, Mandi, Kabsa, and Haneeth are some signature dishes to savor here.

3. What is the weather like during December in Medina?

December sees pleasant day temperatures of 25°C on average. The nights can get quite cold with temperatures of 10°C.

4. What is the baggage allowance on flights to Medina?

Baggage policies differ with airlines. Generally, passengers are allowed 1 checked baggage of 20-30 kg plus a cabin bag of 7 kg.

5. Do I need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate to enter Medina?

Yes, you need to be fully vaccinated and carry the certificate to enter Medina, Saudi Arabia, as per the latest guidelines.

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