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Cheap Domestic Flight To Kahului (OGG)

  • United Airlines

    NYC 30 Jul


    OGG 13 Aug

    $ 681.40

  • Southwest Airlines

    ORD 30 Jul


    OGG 19 Aug

    $ 487.40

  • Southwest Airlines

    HNL 30 Jul


    OGG 13 Aug

    $ 119.20

  • Alaska Airlines

    HOU 30 Jul


    OGG 13 Aug

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  • Alaska Airlines

    IAD 05 Aug


    OGG 14 Aug

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  • Alaska Airlines

    ATL 30 Jul


    OGG 13 Aug

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  • Alaska Airlines

    DFW 30 Jul


    OGG 13 Aug

    $ 458.03

  • Delta Air Lines

    LAX 30 Jul


    OGG 15 Aug

    $ 310.90

  • Alaska Airlines

    LAS 05 Aug


    OGG 13 Aug

    $ 394.80

  • Air Canada

    YYZ 30 Jul


    OGG 13 Aug

    $ 638.81

Kahului Flight Information

Kahului Airports

Kahului Airport

Kahului Airports IATA Code


Kahului City Name


Airlines Serving

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines

Best Times to Visit Kahului

Kahului: An Overview

Situated at the heart of the Central Maui region, Kahului occupies a prominent spot along the island's northern coastline. As Maui's center, it seamlessly merges with the neighboring locales of Wailuku and Paia. Kahului's defining feature is the renowned Kahului Bay, which is loved by both locals and visitors alike. This picturesque bay harbor regularly plays host to huge cruise vessels as they make port. Along the bay's shoreline, a number of eateries tempt patrons.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

The Skytripfare travel platform is dedicated to improving your global travel adventures. We specialize in offering cheap flights to Kahului, ensuring you can revel in the vibrant atmosphere of Maui's largest city. You won't need to make any compromises during your travel, as we deliver top-notch quality, convenience, and value to ensure your Kahului experience is truly exceptional. Count on Skytripfare to assist you in securing plane tickets to Kahului, providing expert guidance, and securing the best airline offers available.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Kahului

Airlines offer thousands of great deals every day. Use the following tips to look for affordable fares to make your dream trip possible on a budget.


1. Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates and Times

● Consider Factors Affecting Rates:

When booking a flight, be aware that airfare rates can vary significantly based on factors such as the day of the week, the season, and upcoming major holidays (like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving, etc.).

● Plan Around School Breaks and Vacations:

Travel demand tends to surge during school breaks and vacation periods, making it a popular choice for those seeking an escape from daily life. Kahului offers a rejuvenating retreat for unwinding and recharging, contributing to a healthy work-life balance.

2. Keep an Eye for Special Deals

● Subscribe to Newsletters:

Before starting your flight search, subscribe to Skytripfare's newsletters. These newsletters provide access to last-minute deals, offering some of the industry's best rates.

● Stay Vigilant:

Keep an eye on these deals, even if most of them don't initially match your schedule. Flight discounts typically have a short window of availability, often just 24 hours, so regular monitoring ensures you don't miss out on fantastic opportunities.

3. Don't Always Fly Direct

● Flexible Itineraries:

Having flexibility in your departure and arrival times, as well as considering alternative final destinations, can help you find cheaper flights.

● Consider Layovers:

Opting for flights with layovers, especially in major hubs like New York, can often result in cost savings. You can then transfer to a low-cost carrier for the final leg of your journey.

● Plan for Connections:

If booking multiple legs, allow at least three hours for connections to account for potential delays, as different airlines may not wait for each other's passengers.

4. Booking the Flights Early or Late

● Early Planning:

Consider booking your flights well in advance, as planning early can often lead to cost savings. Airlines may offer better deals for those who plan ahead.

● Last-Minute Savings:

Conversely, waiting until the last minute can also yield discounts, as airlines may reduce prices for seats that remain unsold.

5. Let Skytripfare Do the Difficult Part

● Ease of Planning:

Skytripfare is designed to simplify your vacation planning. With a wide range of options at your disposal, Skytripfare helps turn your dream destinations into reality.

● Advanced Search Technology:

Skytripfare uses cutting-edge search technology to find cheap flights to Kahului. It compares prices from various airlines, presenting you with the most cost-effective options and superior value for your budget.


Best Time to Visit Kahului

April and May are the best months to visit Kahului based on a number of factors, such as the weather, the cost of flights and hotels, the busiest traffic times, and more.

During the summer, it can get as hot as 28°C (82°F) in Kahului. In the winter, around February, the temperature at night can drop to as low as 20°C (67°F).

If you like the sun and want to visit Kahului when the days are longest, you should go in July.

December is Kahului's wettest month, so those who don't mind a bit of rain can still have a fulfilling experience. However, if staying dry is a priority, planning a visit in June is advisable.

Kahului: Fly with Major Airlines!

There are many well-known airlines that make it easy to travel and book airline tickets to Kahului. Emirates, Alaska Airlines, Qatar Airways, American Airlines, and United Airlines are all major airline companies that can take you to the city. Skytripfare has a unique search bar that makes it easy to find the best deals for tickets to Kahului. Compare flights, look at your choices, and choose the airline that best fits your needs to book flights to OGG.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Kahului

On your trip to Kahului, you have many different options to visit, a few of which are:-

1. Market Street: Market Street is one of the famous streets of the historic place “Wailuku” near Kahului. The street is known for its variety of shops, such as antique shops, boutiques, art galleries, music stores, and more. The eating places of Wailuku are known for their diverse menu.

2. Maui Nui Botanical Garden: The Maui Nui Botanical Garden is mainly built to protect the Maui Nui’s rich botanical treasure. The MNBG has many native and Polynesian plants that provide tourists a place to chill in nature. The place can be easily accessed in Kahului and is just a mile away from the Market Street of Wailuku. So both places can be visited on the same day easily.

3. Iao Valley State Park: One of Maui's most interesting places to see, this park looks stunning and has cultural importance. The park is also an important part of Hawaiian history and is, hence, a great attraction for someone who is into history.

4. War Memorial Stadium: Built in the 1950s, the stadium complex was made in memory of residents of the city who sacrificed their lives in military service. The stadium is the largest sports area, with a seating capacity of 20,000 people. The stadium has its own pool, gymnasium, and a 110-acre park.

5. Maui Arts & Cultural Center: The Maui Arts & Cultural Center, or "MACC," is a great place to have fun in Maui. It is a gathering place where the community can celebrate creativity through personal and shared experiences of the arts.


Q1. Does Kahului have beaches?

Yes, Kahului has several beaches, with Kanaha Beach being a well-known option. Many other beaches can be found in Maui and neighboring areas just a short drive away.

Q2. What is the story of Maui?

In Native Hawaiian folklore, Maui is a revered demi-god known as the "trickster" and is associated with the legendary fishhook called Manaiakalani. Maui is credited with creating the Hawaiian islands through a clever ruse that convinced his brothers to go fishing.

Q3. What are the nearest attractions to Kahului?

The main Attractions near Kahului are:
● Kahului Harbor
● ʻIao Valley State Monument
● Wailuku

Q4. What are some of the Popular Attractions in Kahului?

Popular attractions in Kahului include Kumukumu Beach, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Skyline Hawaii, Cruiser Phil's Volcano Riders, Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, Action Sports Maui, and Moana Glass by Ryan Staub.

Q5. What are the other places to visit while touring in Kahului?

While touring Kahului, don't miss the opportunity to explore Maui, also known as "The Valley Isle." Maui is renowned for its world-famous beaches, winter whale migrations, farm-fresh cuisine, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from Haleakalā.

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