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Cheap Domestic Flight To Cairo (CAI)

  • ITA Airways

    NYC 19 Aug


    CAI 30 Aug

    $ 1025.88

  • ITA Airways

    ORD 15 Aug


    CAI 02 Sep

    $ 956.88

  • Delta Air Lines

    HNL 13 Aug


    CAI 29 Aug

    $ 1276.28

  • Turkish Airlines

    HOU 13 Aug


    CAI 27 Aug

    $ 884.38

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

    IAD 14 Aug


    CAI 28 Aug

    $ 912.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    ATL 13 Aug


    CAI 27 Aug

    $ 848.38

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 13 Aug


    CAI 27 Aug

    $ 891.58

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAX 13 Aug


    CAI 27 Aug

    $ 857.38

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAS 13 Aug


    CAI 27 Aug

    $ 1324.68

  • ITA Airways

    YYZ 13 Aug


    CAI 28 Aug

    $ 1244.21

Cairo Flight Information

Cairo Airports

Cairo International Airport

Cairo Airports IATA Code


Cairo City Name


Airlines Serving

Air Arabia, Air Cairo, Fly Nas, Air Leisure

Best Times to Visit Cairo

Cairo: An Overview

The capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa, Cairo means “the victorious city.” Located on both banks of the river Nile, Cairo served as the capital of numerous Egyptian kingdoms in the past. The city celebrates the cultures and traditions of the East and the West, the Ancient and the Modern. This historical city is mainly known for housing the famous Egyptian pyramids. If you are a fan of history and want to know more about the ancient Egyptian civilization, then you should be booking your airline tickets to Cairo today.

At the heart of the city lays the famous Tahrir Square and the vast Egyptian museum housing antiquities, including royal mummies and Tutankhamun artifacts. You can also visit the nearby Giza, where the iconic pyramids and the Great Sphinx reside. Cairo is now a bustling modern city where you can bask in the panoramic city views from the sky-touching towers. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can always book online airline tickets to Cairo.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

Skytripfare is an emerging flight booking platform where you can choose from over 500 airlines. We believe in making flight booking easy, convenient, and hassle-free so that you can have all the more fun on your vacation or getaways. To make this possible, we also provide discounts. And, unlike cashback offers, our discounts can be redeemed right away. All you need to do is visit our website, add your trip dates, and book your plane tickets to Cairo. It is that easy!

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Cairo

● Mix and Match Airlines:
Instead of booking a round-trip ticket with a single airline, consider mixing and matching different airlines for your outbound and return flights. This can sometimes provide you with lower fares.

● Student or Youth Discounts:
If you're a student or a young traveler, look into special discounts and programs offered by airlines and travel agencies. These can often lead to substantial savings.

● Consider Nearby Departure Cities:
If you live close to multiple airports, check if flying from a nearby city can save you money. Driving a bit further can lead to significant cost reductions.

● Redeem Credit Card Rewards:
Many credit cards offer rewards that include travel-related perks. Check your credit card rewards and see if you can use them to get discounts on your flights to Cairo.

● Book One-Way Tickets:
Sometimes, booking one-way tickets on different airlines can be cheaper than a round-trip ticket. Be sure to compare prices for both options.

● Travel During Off-Peak Times:
Lower-cost flights are available during off-seasons. Less crowded with tourists during particular periods of the year, Cairo presents a chance to save money on flights and accommodation.

● Consider Alternate Airports:
Cairo International Airport mostly offers expensive flights. Thus, to get to Cairo at minimal expense, you can consider other airports in Egypt like Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (SSH) and Alexandria Borg El Arab Airport (HBE). Once you land at the airport, you can easily reach Cairo using local transportation.

● Hidden-City Ticketing:
Learn about the practice of hidden-city ticketing, which involves booking a flight that has Cairo as a layover destination. This is cheaper than booking a direct flight. However, there may be a risk of checking luggage with this option.

Best Time to Visit Cairo

● March, April, and September: Pleasant daytime conditions persist during this time, offering opportunities for Red Sea sunbathing. During these months, you can enjoy water sports, including snorkeling and scuba diving, or visit the Western Dessert. These months fall at the beginning and end of the tourist season, and you can make use of the off-season prices.

● May and August: This is the cheapest time to visit Cairo. However, you need to be careful since the daytime temperature is quite hot. Look for ways to beat the heat, like dressing lightly, carrying a water bottle or sunscreen wherever you go. Also, when booking accommodation, make sure to check if the rooms have air conditioning.


Cairo: Fly with Major Airlines!

Skytripfare provides you with many flights to CAI from the United States and other parts of the world. Some of the major ones operating at the Cairo International Airport are Air Arabia, Air Cairo, Fly Nas, and Air Leisure, among others. These airlines, collaborating with Skytripfare, are the best bet for you to cash in on cheap flights to Cairo. When booking your flight, be sure to check the dates and timings carefully, especially if you have layovers. You don't want to miss your connecting flight!

Top 5 Places to Explore in Cairo

1. Pyramids of Giza: The Pyramids of Giza are a symbol of Egypt and something that most people around the world associate Egypt with. Visit all the pyramids, including the Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menakure. They represent ancient Egyptian engineering and architecture and also help understand life during the ancient civilization.

2. The Sphinx: The Sphinx mythological figure lies near the Pyramids of Giza. It has the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh. The Sphinx is known to represent Khafre. This attraction is also Egypt’s most enduring mystery on how ancient Egyptians viewed life.

3. The Egyptian Museum: This museum has the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts and provides a glimpse into the country’s rich history. A must-see during your time here includes the treasures of Tutankhamun, the Narmer Pallate, and the Royal Mummy Room.

4. Khan el Khalili Bazaar: Khan el Khalili Bazaar is Cairo’s most revered market with its labyrinth of narrow alleys. The shops here sell everything from traditional handicrafts to aromatic spices. It’s an excellent place to pick up souvenirs to take back home.

5. Islamic Cairo: A district in Cairo, it is home to some of Cairo’s most beautiful mosques, madrasas, and monuments. Some of the must-visit sights include the Al-Azhar Mosque and the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. You can also catch stunning views of the city from the Citadel of Saladin.


Q1. How can I travel around in Cairo?

You can take an Uber around Cairo or also ride on the Cairo Metro. However, traffic can be pretty heavy, so plan your day accordingly.

Q2. Where should I stay in Cairo?

Cairo provides a wide range of options for accommodation. You can stay in budget hostels or also book luxurious hotels. It is suggested that you stay in the downtown area or Zamalek, as these areas are close to the city’s main attractions.

Q3. What’s the weather like in Cairo?

Cairo usually remains hot due to the desert climate. However, the climate gets a little better during October to April.

Q4. Is Cairo safe?

Although Cairo is considered safe, it is advised to practice caution. Take care of your belongings and follow the local laws.

Q5. How to dress in Cairo?

Cairo is a predominantly Muslim city, and it is suggested that you dress modestly to respect local customs.

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