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Cheap Domestic Flight To Basrah (BSR)

  • Royal Jordanian

    NYC 05 Aug


    BSR 22 Aug

    $ 1354.80

  • Turkish Airlines

    ORD 06 Aug


    BSR 25 Aug

    $ 1438.10

  • Qatar Airways

    HNL 10 Aug


    BSR 25 Aug

    $ 1948.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    HOU 05 Aug


    BSR 25 Aug

    $ 1041.10

  • Qatar Airways

    IAD 05 Aug


    BSR 25 Aug

    $ 1152.30

  • Turkish Airlines

    ATL 05 Aug


    BSR 21 Aug

    $ 1706.20

  • Turkish Airlines

    DFW 09 Aug


    BSR 22 Aug

    $ 1198.60

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAX 06 Aug


    BSR 21 Aug

    $ 1258.00

  • Turkish Airlines

    LAS 06 Aug


    BSR 19 Aug

    $ 1748.70

  • Air Canada

    YYZ 09 Aug


    BSR 21 Aug

    $ 1943.64

Basrah Flight Information

Basrah Airports

Basrah International Airport

Basrah Airports IATA Code


Basrah City Name


Airlines Serving

Emirates, Flydubai, Iraqi Airways, Middle East Airlines, Pegasus, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian and Turkish Airlines

Best Times to Visit Basrah

Basrah: An Overview

Located at the serene banks of Shaft-al-Arab, Iraq's primary center of economy and culture, Basrah is an ancient city with a rich legacy that can be experienced on its every path and turn. Its past is engraved in its mosaic of historical civilizations, mirroring its marketplaces, architectures, and cultural activities. The city is a fusion of contemporary innovations and traditional Islamic traditions.
Through its landmarks, souks, and lively street life, Basrah offers a look into its eclectic heritage. The city hosts an extensive variety of cultural activities, including exhibitions of contemporary art and traditional music and dance. With a variety of regional and foreign flavors, the culinary scene is a feast for foodies. Without wasting any time, book your flights to Basrah, Iraq, today at economical prices with Skytripfare.

Flight Booking through Skytripfare

Skytripfare is your best travel companion for exploring places all over the world. You can easily book cheap flights to Basrah with Skytripfare in just a few clicks and set out on a memorable journey. Our user-friendly platform eases your search for affordable plane tickets to Basrah, boosting your trip with a wonderful start. Skytripfare guarantees a flawless travel experience with discounts and great travel advisories so you can make the most out of your trip. Arrange your travel, reserve your airfare, and get ready to bask in Basrah's allure.

Tips for Finding Cheapest Flights to Basrah

● Pick Your Months Carefully
When booking flights to BSR, look for less popular months, such as September or August, the months when summer is transcending to autumn, to get the greatest deals on tickets to Basrah. You'll find the destination less crowded and accommodation more affordable.

● Embrace Flexibility
Being adaptable to dates, airlines, and travel times increases your chances of getting cheap flights to Basrah. Use Skytripfare's innovative search tools to explore a plethora of options and combinations according to your taste. Off-peak times and weekday travel provide more affordable options.

● Be Baggage Friendly
Keep your luggage to a minimum to save additional costs. Use Skytripfare to compare baggage policies across several airlines and travel light to save more. Examine complimentary luggage allowances and extra fees before choosing your preferred airlines when booking flights to Basrah, Iraq.

● Be Mindful of Your Time
Take advantage of last-minute offers by making itinerary changes to your plane tickets to Basrah or booking online airline tickets to Basrah well in advance to secure big savings. When the departure date approaches, airlines often offer discounted rates for the still unsold seats.

● Keep a Lookout for Offers
Keep an eye out for frequent offers and attractive deals on Skytripfare to get a chance to save more. For the latest information on affordable travel options, visit our website, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter.

● Consider Alternate Options
Choose flights with layovers over direct routes for possible discounts when purchasing plane tickets to Basrah. You can make the most of the layover by exploring the place, going shopping, and indulging in regional delicacies.

Best Time to Visit Basrah

The city breathes new air each season, and each season adds to the charm of this culturally rich city. Each season is a perfect season to book your plane tickets to Basrah and set out on an exploration of the wise alleyways:

Spring : Experience the lands of Basrah transforming to emerald green landscapes with an abundance of flora by visiting parks like Abu Al-Khasib Park and the tranquil Basrah Zoo during spring. Spring is ideal for outdoor pursuits, such as picnics and taking in cultural events while the weather is nice.

Summer : Enjoy the warm weather by touring the renowned Shatt al-Arab waterfront, where you can go for leisurely strolls and dine at neighborhood eateries. Traditional music and entertainment enliven the city's bustling evening.

Autumn : As the weather cools, you can uncover Basrah's rich history by going to landmarks like the Basra Museum while delighting in the vibrant air of local fairs. During Diwali, the city illuminates the diversity of religion in its warm embrace.

Winter : Soak in the ancient charm of Basrah by exploring historic sites like the Basra Times Square. Winter is the best time of year to go on gastronomic expeditions, sample regional specialties, and enjoy hot beverages at quaint outdoor cafes.


Basrah is a haven all year round. Travelers seeking a quiet escapade with an air of adventure will find Basrah to be a great visit. All seasons promise an unforgettable journey with a unique cultural, historical, and natural beauty blend.


Basrah: Fly with Major Airlines!

Looking for a flight to BSR? Your search ends with Skytripfare, where you'll find an array of reputed airlines providing comfortable flights to Basrah, Iraq. Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Iraqi Airways, Flydubai, and Air Arabia are some of the internationally renowned airlines that provide affordable tickets to Basrah. Utilise Skytripfare's advanced search engine tools and book online airline tickets to Basra on a schedule and price that best suits your needs.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Basrah

1. Qurna Island : Qurna Island invites you to immerse yourself in the peaceful arms of nature. The tranquil getaway is home to serene landscapes, perfect for nature lovers. Sail down the Shatt al-Arab River and relish the scenic vistas and varied avian inhabitants.

2. Basrah International Hotel : With its gorgeous architecture and luxurious facilities, this modern landmark offers guests an opulent stay. Its lofty positioning allows you to enjoy expansive views of the city.

3. Basrah Times Square : Discover the beating heart of Basrah in Times Square, a busy plaza ringed with eateries, retail establishments, and cultural hotspots. It's the ideal place to experience a lively environment and a popular spot for people-watching.

4. Basrah Museum : Explore Basra's rich history and culture at the Basra Museum. Marvel at artifacts, manuscripts, and exhibits that showcase the city's historical significance. The museum provides you with a glance at the city's pompous past and thriving modernism.

5. Shatt al-Arab Corniche : Enjoy a leisurely stroll along this picturesque promenade along the waterfront of Shatt al-Arab (Stream of the Arabs). Relish the clean air, stunning river vistas, and energetic atmosphere with local merchants and street entertainers.


1. Where can I book cheap flights to Basrah?

Skytripfare is your one-stop destination for all your travel needs. Book affordable flights to Basrah, Iraq, with major airlines on schedule and time that best suits your itinerary.

2. What regional delicacies should you indulge in when in Basrah?

Relish the local delights like Masgouf (grilled fish), Samak Zubaidi (Zubaidi fish), Gaimar (date syrup), Kubba (stuffed rice dumplings), and various kebabs for a flavorful and authentic taste of Basrah.

3. What are the best shopping destinations in Basrah?

Explore the vibrant weekend markets like Basrah Souk and Al-Zubair Souk for authentic local handicrafts, artwork, and a delightful array of food.

4. Are there hidden gems in Basrah worth discovering?

Venture off the beaten path by discovering the serene Maqil Palm Farm, the historical Basrah War Cemetery, and the vibrant street art scene in Al-Ashar.

5. What outdoor activities are available in Basrah?

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Basrah by taking a boat ride along the Shatt al-Arab, exploring the Al-Zubair Natural Reserve, or picnicking in the lush Faw Grand Park.

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