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Cheap Domestic Flight To Baghdad (BGW)

  • Qatar Airways

    NYC 14 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1333.30

  • Turkish Airlines

    ORD 15 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1450.70

  • Qatar Airways

    HNL 16 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1955.74

  • Qatar Airways

    HOU 14 Jul


    BGW 02 Aug

    $ 1844.50

  • Qatar Airways

    IAD 14 Jul


    BGW 29 Jul

    $ 1428.70

  • Royal Jordanian

    ATL 14 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1857.00

  • Royal Jordanian

    DFW 18 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1766.10

  • Qatar Airways

    LAX 17 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1233.40

  • Qatar Airways

    LAS 17 Jul


    BGW 28 Jul

    $ 1416.70

  • Egyptair

    YYZ 15 Jul


    BGW 31 Jul

    $ 1480.28

Baghdad Flight Information

Baghdad Airports

Baghdad International Airport

Baghdad Airports IATA Code


Baghdad City Name


Airlines Serving

Iraqi Airways, FlyDubai, Qatar Airways, Emirates

Best Times to Visit Baghdad

Baghdad: An Overview

Baghdad is the capital and largest city of Iraq. This ancient metropolis was founded in the 8th century and has served as the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate and other influential Islamic caliphates over the following centuries. Founded along the winding Tigris River and built into a circular plan layout unique for the time, the city has endured many regimes but retained its glory and prestige over 1300 years of rich history.
Baghdad is also renowned as an important center of Arabic literature and poetry featuring the Mutanabbi street culture. With mesmerizing history, diverse culture, and famous warm hospitality towards visitors, Baghdad is truly an intriguing and magical destination to visit. It’s a wonderful amalgamation of ancient history and modern dynamism. Book your flights to Baghdad without further delay for an exotic and memorable holiday! Everyone from children to seniors will surely find something to enjoy in this city.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

Booking your plane tickets to Baghdad through Skytripfare ensures you get the best deals and smooth journey planning. Our website makes it very convenient to easily check flight schedules, options, and real-time prices from major airlines flying to Baghdad; view flight packages and discounts side-by-side to pick the best option matching your budget and needs; securely pay for your tickets online and get your e-ticket confirmation delivered instantly over email. With 24/7 customer support and easy modification or cancellation, Skytripfare efficiently takes care of all your booking needs.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Baghdad

1. Book Early
Cheap flights and discount plane tickets are usually available when booked 6-8 weeks in advance, allowing you to grab early-bird discounts before tickets to Baghdad sell out.

2. Travel During Off-season
You can find lower fares if you book flights to Baghdad during less popular times like September-November. The weather is also temperate, good for sightseeing. Avoid peak tourist seasons and events when booking cheap plane tickets to Baghdad.

3. Check Alternate Airports
Sometimes, flights to BGW arriving at Erbil or Basra airport are cheaper. You can then catch a connecting domestic flight to Baghdad easily. Check if you get deals on airline tickets to Baghdad this way.

4. Use flight Deal Alerts
Sign up on our site to get email/app alerts when discounted Baghdad flight tickets or last-minute plane fares to Baghdad for your chosen route are available. Snap these up fast! You can either check our portal frequently or subscribe to our newsletter as well to avail yourself of these sudden drops as soon as they appear.

5. Consider Budget Airlines
Several airlines offer low base fares to Baghdad in exchange for non-frills service. Go for these carriers if you want cheap flights to BGW.

Best Time to Visit Baghdad

September to November is the best time to visit Baghdad. The pleasant temperatures make it ideal for sightseeing on foot. Flights and hotels are also cheaper as this season is considered the off-season. You can also enjoy the Baghdad Capital of Arab Culture festival that is held during this time.

December to February can be pretty chilly, and it is not the best time to visit as a tourist. March to April is slightly cooler than summer and has moderate weather. May to October is characterized by very high temperatures, low humidity, and clear, bright skies, and some showers. The days are typically dry and sultry between June and September

Baghdad: Fly with Major Airlines!

Baghdad enjoys extensive aviation connectivity, having flights operated by major global airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, Flydubai, and Iraqi Airways. You can easily book online airline tickets to Baghdad through Skytripfare. So, choose an airline as per your priorities for onward local connectivity, convenience, flying time, or ticket costs.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Baghdad

1. Baghdad Museum With artifacts spanning over 7000 years of rich Iraqi civilizations of Mesopotamia, including the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian empires and beyond, the Baghdad Museum is one of the greatest museums in the region. From clay tablets with cuneiform scripts to enduring relics like the Warka Vase, walking through its expansive galleries takes you through the region's elaborate history.

2. Al-Mutanabbi Street Every Friday, this historic street named after famed 10th-century poet Al-Mutanabbi transforms into a vibrant cultural hotspot in downtown Baghdad with poets, philosophers, booksellers, and artists of all kinds converging here. Visitors will be enthralled seeing spontaneous poetry recitals, heated intellectual debates, and browsing thousands of old manuscripts on book stalls lining the bustling street.

3. Water Park at Zawra Located south of Baghdad, this popular large amusement and water park is a fun place to beat the heat and enjoy with families during summer. With multiple swimming pools and water slides, it also has well-manicured gardens, scenic lakes with fountain shows, entertainment zones, rides, and parks where kids and adults alike have a blast.

4. Al Kadhimiya Mosque Regarded as one of the most important Shia pilgrimage sites, this mosque houses the tomb and shrine of Musa al-Kadhim, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and revered 7th Twelver Shia Imam. Surrounded by golden domes and arches, artistic facades, towering minarets, expansive plazas, and corridors, wandering through the timeless architecture filled with echoing chants is a soulful experience.

5. Samarra Archaeological Site Just north of Baghdad on the east bank of Tigris lies remains of the 9th century Great Mosque of Samarra, built under the Abbasid caliphate featuring a unique 52-meter tall Malwiya spiral minaret that stands intact. Climbing to the top, you can enjoy panoramic views all around while the giant site filled with brick ruins, columns, walls, and alone time transports you to the glory days of the past.


1. Is it safe for tourists to visit Baghdad?

Most areas in the city are quite secure now with stable political conditions. Basic precautions as taken while traveling to any major world city are recommended.

2. What is the best way to travel within Baghdad city?

Many key landmarks are concentrated in the downtown area and are walkable. Taxis, buses, and private transport offer easy ways to get around the greater metro area.

3. What is the ideal length of a Baghdad trip?

A 5 to 7-day Baghdad itinerary allows the ideal time to take in all significant attractions at a relaxed pace, along with indulging in local food, culture, and some day excursions nearby.

4. What are the top hotel choices to stay in Baghdad?

Some reputed hotels located centrally include Ishtar Sheraton, Palestine Meridian, Hotel Babel, and Cristal Grand Ishtar, which are just a short walk from key attractions in Baghdad.

5. What is the ideal clothing to wear when visiting Baghdad?

Modest loose clothing covering shoulders and knees and headscarves for women is suitable when visiting public and religious places. Avoid tight, transparent, or overly revealing attire. Light, breathable clothing works best for Baghdad's hot climate during the day.

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