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Cheap Domestic Flight To Aruba (AUA)

  • Spirit Airlines

    NYC 13 Aug


    AUA 27 Aug

    $ 320.80

  • Spirit Airlines

    ORD 10 Aug


    AUA 22 Aug

    $ 343.80

  • United Airlines

    HNL 07 Aug


    AUA 21 Aug

    $ 1195.30

  • Spirit Airlines

    HOU 10 Aug


    AUA 22 Aug

    $ 317.80

  • Copa Airlines

    IAD 13 Aug


    AUA 26 Aug

    $ 407.70

  • Spirit Airlines

    ATL 13 Aug


    AUA 22 Aug

    $ 296.80

  • Spirit Airlines

    DFW 10 Aug


    AUA 25 Aug

    $ 317.80

  • Spirit Airlines

    LAX 09 Aug


    AUA 25 Aug

    $ 476.30

  • Spirit Airlines

    LAS 07 Aug


    AUA 22 Aug

    $ 406.80

  • Delta Air Lines

    YYZ 12 Aug


    AUA 22 Aug

    $ 446.54

Aruba Flight Information

Aruba Airports

Reina Beatrix International Airport

Aruba Airports IATA Code


Aruba City Name


Airlines Serving

United, Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue

Best Times to Visit Aruba

Aruba: An Overview

Aruba is a beautiful gem in the Caribbean, inviting with its dazzling beaches, vivacious culture, and limitless opportunities for exploration. The moniker “One Happy Island” is well-earned; arriving here delivers a warm and cheery feeling to anyone seeking an idyllic experience. The island maintains a cozy temperature of 82°F (28°C), further amplified by the cool sea breezes. Such reliable warmth makes Aruba a reliable destination for those wishing for a never-ending summer or a respite from less amiable climes.

Beneath the undulating oceans, Aruba's coral reefs brim with vibrant aquatic creatures, providing a diver's and snorkeler's paradise. The wrecks of bygone times speak of a history long past, while brilliant fish and mellow sea turtles captivate inquisitive minds. The abundant culture manifest in the country is sure to grab even the most discerning eye, with its fascinations from Dutch, Spanish, African, and indigenized origins. Oranjestad's distinctive streets combine both Dutch colonial architecture and alluring Caribbean charisma, while Aruba's diverse gastronomy titillates the taste senses. In addition to the wonders of nature, the island offers a dynamic nightlife, multiple casinos, and a chronicle of festivals and activities.

Aruba is more than a destination; Aruba is a feeling—a feeling of total pleasure where the ticking of the clock disappears along with worldly concerns. Whatever you're searching for, whether it be rest, an action-packed experience, or a mix of both, Aruba pledges an unforgettable journey in a sunny paradise filled with infinite joy.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

Want to book your plane tickets to Aruba and bask in the warmth of the sun while surrounded by the overwhelming beauty of the beaches? You have come to the right place! We at Skytripfare ensure that your journey to Aruba is seamlessly integrated with convenience and care! Planning your trip with us means:

1. Lowest Fare Guarantee
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4. Effortless Booking

Booking your voyage towards Aruba with Skytripfare is a cinch. We'll guarantee maximum aid during your expedition starting from your beginning steps. Allow us to accompany you as you traverse on a memorable journey.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Aruba

Skytripfare is your reliable companion when it comes to booking online airline tickets to Aruba. We excel in aiding you to locate the thriftiest choices to bring your vacation aspirations to fruition. Follow these insider tips and tricks to land cheap flights to Aruba:

1. Savings Bundle:
Give thought to purchasing flight and accommodation together as a package deal. This bundled approach may lead to substantial cost benefits.

2. Clear Browser Cookies:
Some websites may display higher pricing if they detect certain queries having been searched multiple times. To make sure you are viewing the optimal fares available, it is advisable to clear your browser cookies or use a private browsing option.

3. Promo Codes and Deals:
Be sure to check on any ongoing promotions and coupon discounts, as they can provide you with considerable savings on your flights to Aruba.

4. Patience is Key:
Costs can vary from time to time. Track fares over a time span, as you might find a bargain when you least anticipate it.


By taking advantage of these strategies, you'll be well-prepared to traverse the skies and discover exceptional bargains on your flights to Aruba.


Best Time to Visit Aruba

Aruba can be frequented all year round due to its consistent temperature. However, the dry season, with its captivating cultural exhibitions, provides the most desirable experience for most holidaymakers.

The optimal period to take a trip to Aruba stretches from the end of December to the middle of April. During this span, copious sunshine is to be expected in conjunction with sporadic precipitation and moderate temperatures between 75°F and 88°F (24°C to 31°C). This span offers the quintessential climate for beach days, aquatic escapades, and outdoor pursuits.

Aruba: Fly with Major Airlines!

As you prepare for the voyage to the paradisiacal island of Aruba, think of a silky flight experience with some of the top airlines worldwide. United, Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue are prepared to make your trip to Aruba a beginning that is unforgettable for your Caribbean getaway. With an array of flight alternatives accessible and Skytripfare's simple search box, booking your flights is trouble-free, guaranteeing that the search of Aruba starts with premier service, the highest level of comfort, and incomparable ease. Wish for nothing short of brilliance if you are visiting Aruba for leisure, escapade, or even to take pleasure in the island's effulgent culture. With these esteemed airlines, your voyage to Aruba is more than travel; it is the preamble to a breathtaking Caribbean rendezvous.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Aruba

Aruba, an exquisite Caribbean paradise, comes with its pristine beaches, vivacious culture, and astounding natural beauty. Here are the five locations you must include in your exploration of this idyllic retreat:

1. Renowned globally for its beauty, Eagle Beach is graced with generous amounts of pure white sand and dazzlingly crystal waters, while a line of iconic fofoti trees cast their natural shadows over the shore. This beach is an outstanding location for basking in the sun, swimming, or just relaxing in an extraordinary tropical escape.

2. Discover Aruba's rugged charm at Arikok National Park, where desert landscapes merge with the azure sea. Explore natural marvels such as Fontein Cave and the Natural Pool, where you can cool off in a tranquil paradise.

3. Aruba's vibrant capital, Oranjestad, presents a harmonious combination of Dutch and Caribbean touches. Meander down delightful roads lined with vividly-hued edifices, explore historical sites such as Fort Zoutman, and purchase mementos at local markets.

4. Palm Beach is a vibrant destination offering vacationers a wealth of activities and attractions. From water-based sports to sunset catamaran cruises, the opportunities are endless. After a day of fun in the sun, those seeking a culinary adventure can enjoy a vast selection of Caribbean food along the shoreline.

5. Nestled on the southern end of the island, Baby Beach offers a serene getaway with its shallow, tranquil seas that are optimal for snorkeling and swimming. It's the perfect place for families and water aficionados.


Q1. How can I find the best deals on flights to Aruba?

You can surf through Skytripfare for plane tickets to Aruba to find ideal deals. In addition to this, early bookings are a great option.

Q2. Are there direct flights to Aruba from major U.S. cities?

Yes, there are direct flights to Aruba from many major U.S. cities, making it convenient for travelers from various regions.

Q3. What is the baggage allowance for flights to Aruba?

Baggage allowances vary from airline to airline. It is recommended that you go through the websites of the specific airline you are traveling from.

Q4. Is travel insurance essential for flights to Aruba?

It is not an absolute necessity, but travel insurance is normally suggested in order to offer protection from unexpected occasions such as medical issues, delayed trips, or vacation alterations.

Q5. How can I find cheap flights to Aruba during peak seasons?

To find affordable tickets during peak seasons, consider flying on weekdays, avoiding major holidays, and booking well in advance.

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