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Cheap Domestic Flight To Amman (AMM)

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

    NYC 16 Jul


    AMM 26 Jul

    $ 1193.72

  • Iberia

    ORD 12 Jul


    AMM 27 Jul

    $ 1088.90

  • United Airlines

    HNL 18 Jul


    AMM 27 Jul

    $ 1517.15

  • United Airlines

    HOU 12 Jul


    AMM 31 Jul

    $ 1425.00

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

    IAD 15 Jul


    AMM 28 Jul

    $ 986.72

  • United Airlines

    ATL 16 Jul


    AMM 01 Aug

    $ 1239.80

  • Royal Jordanian

    DFW 14 Jul


    AMM 26 Jul

    $ 1229.40

  • Royal Jordanian

    LAX 14 Jul


    AMM 30 Jul

    $ 1129.50

  • Lufthansa

    LAS 18 Jul


    AMM 27 Jul

    $ 1569.60

  • Saudi Arabian Airlines

    YYZ 17 Jul


    AMM 28 Jul

    $ 1256.94

Amman Flight Information

Amman Airports

Queen Alia International Airport

Amman Airports IATA Code


Amman City Name


Airlines Serving

Royal Jordanian, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, British Airways

Best Times to Visit Amman

Amman: An Overview

Amman is the capital and largest city of Jordan. It is located in north-central Jordan on the East Bank Plateau, nestled among the northwestern foothills of Mount Nebo. With a history of over 9,000 years, Amman is one of the most ancient cities in the world that has been continuously inhabited. While modern Amman is a bustling metropolis of over 4 million people, remnants of its ancient roots can be seen in sites like the Citadel and the Roman Amphitheater.
Modern Amman enjoys a more liberal and cosmopolitan atmosphere than other parts of the Middle East. It has a thriving cultural scene, dynamic nightlife, and a wide range of dining and shopping options. Attractions like the ancient ruins, downtown Rainbow Street, and cultural experiences like floating in the Dead Sea make Amman a popular gateway for experiencing Jordan's highlights. Book your flights to Amman and prepare for a fabulous, fun time in one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in the Arab world.

Flight Booking Through Skytripfare

Skytripfare makes booking cheap flights to Amman quick and easy. Our intuitive website lets you easily search for the lowest fares on plane tickets to Amman and compare prices across major airlines. You can conveniently book online airline tickets to Amman on our site; simply use our search bar and the appropriate filters like origin and destination, travel dates, number of passengers, and hit enter. The powerful search engine will do the rest. In less than a minute, you can see the entire list of available flights for you to compare. If you feel stuck, take advantage of the 24/7 customer support. Choosing Skytripfare to book your flights ensures you always find the best deals.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights to Amman

Book Off-peak Dates
Searching for plane tickets to Amman during shoulder seasons like Spring and Autumn can result in cheaper flights than peak Summer travel dates.

Use Incognito Browsing
Use incognito mode when searching Skytripfare for cheap Amman flights so the website doesn't track your search history, which may impact prices for flights to AMM.

Sign Up for Price Alerts
Get notified of price drops and deals by signing up for Skytripfare's custom alerts for specific dates and airports to find the cheapest tickets to Amman.

Check Nearby AirportsCheck Nearby Airports
Sometimes, booking flights arriving at nearby airports like Aqaba first can be cheaper than flying directly into Amman. You can then take a bus or drive to Amman.

Compare One-way vs Roundtrip
Look at pricing for one-way tickets to Amman vs roundtrip when searching Skytripfare. Sometimes, one-way flights are hundreds cheaper than the roundtrip options.

Best Time to Visit Amman

Spring : March to May are the spring months with beautiful weather, making it ideal for sightseeing and having fun. Enjoy the greenery and wildflowers and light showers. The desert is colorful, thanks to the modest sunlight, and it’s also an excellent time for hiking.

Autumn : The heat starts dissipating from September to November, and the weather starts cooling. There are fewer people so you can explore the attractions leisurely.

Winter : December to February can be pretty chilly; in fact, Amman has some snowfall in January. You can have a relaxed holiday if you visit during these months.

Summer : June to August sees scorching temperatures, and many attractions are closed due to this. However, a few events take place during this time, and the evenings are cool. Hotel tariffs are at the lowest, so you can spend the day inside, relaxing in your room or the pool, and set out in the evening for some entertainment.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Amman

1. Citadel The Citadel is an ancient historical site situated on a hill towering above Amman. Dating back over 3000 years, this fortress contains ruins like the Temple of Hercules and the 8th-century Umayyad Palace. Visitors can explore the sprawling grounds and also enjoy panoramic views of downtown Amman from the Citadel's vantage point.

2. Roman Theater The magnificently preserved Roman Theater dates back to the 2nd century AD. This ancient site could seat over 6000 spectators to watch performances. The theater's columns, arches, and galleries are still largely intact. Visitors can admire this architectural and acoustic marvel that evokes the spectacles and grandeur of the Roman era.

3. Downtown Downtown Amman is the bustling heart of the city. Must-see attractions include the lively Hashemite Square, the Husseini Mosque, and the trendy cafes and shops along Rainbow Street. Walking around downtown provides a pulse of Amman's energy and an insight into modern Jordanian culture.

4. Royal Automobile Museum The Royal Automobile Museum houses an extensive collection of over 70 rare and iconic antique, vintage, classic, and modern cars and motorbikes, providing a fascinating journey through decades of automotive history. Spanning pioneering early 20th-century models like the 1907 Itala to the latest sleek supercars, the exhibits showcase beautiful restored antique vehicles, royal Jordanian limousines, vintage American classics like a 1959 Cadillac convertible, and exotic modern supercars from renowned brands. Every vehicle has a unique backstory for visitors to discover at this impressive museum. Car enthusiasts will love exploring the diverse selection of classic automobiles and understanding the engineering evolution across various eras of motoring.

5. Jordan Museum The modern Jordan Museum in Amman provides fascinating insights into the nation's rich cultural heritage through its diverse collection of archaeological treasures and artifacts. Highlights include ancient Dead Sea Scroll fragments and monumental statues retrieved from the historic city of Petra. Spanning over 10,000 square meters, the museum's exhibits cover Jordanian history, arts, and culture from prehistoric times to the modern Islamic era. Visitors can discover Iron Age figurines considered among the world’s oldest human statues, as well as traditional clothing and artifacts reflecting Bedouin and rural lifestyles.


1. What is a good area to stay in Amman?

Downtown, Shmeisani, and Abdoun are centrally located areas with good hotels, restaurants, and attractions nearby.

2. How do I get from Queen Alia Airport to downtown Amman?

Airport taxis take around 30 minutes and cost 20-25 JOD. The JETT bus service is cheaper at around 4 JOD.

3. Is public transport in Amman reliable?

Yes, public and mini buses are reliable and inexpensive ways to get around Amman. Taxis are also widely available.

4. What should I wear when visiting mosques and religious sites?

Modest, conservative clothing that covers shoulders, knees, and cleavage is appropriate. Some sites require headscarves for women.

5. What is the best way to travel from Amman to Petra?

You can take a bus, taxi, or tour bus/van to Petra, which takes 3-4 hours. JETT bus is a popular option. Staying overnight in Petra is recommended to fully experience the architectural site.

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