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About Rwandair

Main Airports

Kigali International Airport

Head Quarter

Kigali, Rwanda

Popular Route

Kigali - Nairobi

Popular Destinations

Kigali, Lusaka, Nairobi

Know Your Fellow Travelers on Rwandair Airlines and Their Favorite Spots

A demographic breakdown reveals that 5% of Rwandair travelers belonged to the 60 and above age group.

Millennials comprised a significant portion of Rwandair passengers, accounting for 47%.

Most Rwandair reservations were made by 53% of females.

Among the diverse destinations, Kigali emerged as the top choice for Rwandair passengers.

Kigali International Airport stood out as the preferred airport for travelers on Rwandair flights.

In-flight Services on Rwandair Airlines

Rwandair Airlines takes pride in providing exceptional in-flight amenities across its two distinct classes of service: Economy and Business.

1. Business Class:
The luxury Business Class provides seats that are spacious, along with great reclining functions and the best headrests.
Complimentary snacks and meals make the experience even more memorable.
Passengers are given an inviting range of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

2. Economy Class:
The Economy-Class seats are ergonomically designed for comfort and affordability. Apart from extra seat pitch for more legroom and comfortable headrests, passengers may find enough space to relax during the flight.
Economy Class has a range of options available under the culinary offerings.
It covers delicious sandwiches and muffins to fresh salads, to mention a few.

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What You Need To Know When Flying Rwandair Airlines

● Check-In Options : Rwandair Airlines provides convenient online check-in options, allowing passengers to save time at the airport.

● Baggage Allowance : Familiarize yourself with Rwandair's baggage policies to ensure compliance with weight and size restrictions. Consider any additional fees for excess baggage to avoid surprises at the check-in counter.

● Entertainment and Reading Materials : The cabin crew will provide newspapers and magazines to the Business Class customers upon request. This will ensure that you have an entertaining flight experience.

● Well Equipped Staff : Friendly and well-trained cabin crew will be brought to your travel experience by Rwandair Airlines. Feel free to ask the trained and friendly staff for help during your trip.

● Flight Delays or Cancelation : Ensure that you follow Rwandair’s instructions in cases of delays or cancellations; make inquiries for rebooking or compensation from their customer service desk.


Q1. How can I check in for my Rwandair flight?

Rwandair offers online check-in through its website or mobile app. You can also check in at the airport.

Q2. What is Rwandair's baggage allowance policy?

Baggage allowances vary based on your class of service. Refer to Rwandair's official website for detailed information on baggage allowances and fees.

Q3. Can I choose my seat in advance?

Yes, Rwandair allows passengers to select seats during the booking process or through online check-in.

Q4. What amenities are available in Business Class?

Business Class passengers enjoy comfortable seating, complimentary meals, a selection of alcoholic beverages, and the option to request magazines and newspapers.

Q5. How can I request special meals or accommodate dietary restrictions?

During the booking process or by contacting Rwandair's customer service, you can request special meals or inform them about dietary restrictions.

Q6. What entertainment options are available on Rwandair flights?

Business Class passengers can request reading materials from the cabin crew. In Economy, passengers are encouraged to bring their own entertainment.

Q7. How can I modify or cancel my Rwandair reservations?

Visit Rwandair's website or contact their customer service to inquire about modifying or canceling your reservation.

Q8. What's the process for obtaining a refund for a canceled flight?

Refer to Rwandair's refund policy on their website for detailed information on the procedures and conditions for obtaining a refund.

Q9. Does Rwandair have Wi-Fi?

Some Rwandair aircraft have in-flight Wi-Fi systems. Please contact the airline for further information on Wi-Fi services.

Q10. How many hours in advance do I have to reach the airport before my RwandAir flight?

For international flights, you are advised to get to the terminal at least two to three hours before the departure time while two hours is preferable for domestic flights.

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