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About Bahamasair

Main Airports

Lynden Pindling International Airport, Grand Bahama International Airport

Head Quarter

Nassau, Bahamas

Popular Route

Nassau to Freeport, Nassau to Marsh Harbour, Nassau to Miami

Popular Destinations

Nassau, Freeport, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando

Know Your Fellow Travelers on Bahamasair Airlines and Their Favorite Spots

More than 70% of Bahamasair passengers are domestic explorers.

Approximately 20% of travelers embark on international flights.

A significant 50% of airline passengers comprise individuals aged 30 and above.

Families traveling with youngsters under 10 years old represent an integral 15% of Bahamasair passengers.

In-flight Services on Bahamasair Airlines

Convenience of Economy : Bahamasair usually operates as a single-class airline, providing a uniform cabin experience. Nevertheless, the airline offers a selection of services to ensure that every passenger has a comfortable flight. The flight offers an Economy Cabin Class experience that provides comfortable seating with ample leg room.

Meal Option : Bahamasair offers snacks, meals, and drinks on board its flights, catering to diversified palates and dietary requirements. In addition to that, you are also allowed to carry your own food on the plane.

In-flight Entertainment : You can carry your devices on the plane for an entertaining voyage. Also, the airline flights are equipped with the latest seat-back screens where passengers can enjoy music, movies, and other entertainment options. Also, there are magazines, depending on the aircraft and itinerary.

Comfortable Seating : Bahamasair Airlines offers passengers a restful flight. The airline provides comfortable seating configurations in a variety of classes.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity : Wi-Fi services are available on certain Bahamasair flights, allowing customers to stay connected while cruising through the air.

Special Services : Passengers with certain needs or requirements are assisted by the airline. This covers help for senior citizens, families taking young children, and those with impairments.

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With Skytripfare's user-friendly platform, you can streamline your Bahamasair Airline reservations and ensure a personalized and easy booking experience. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we offer smooth and effective booking and improve your trip experience. Get the following benefits with Skytripfare for your Bahamasair Airline flight booking :

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What You Need to Know When Flying Bahamasair

Prepare yourself for an exceptional journey with Bahamasair by acquainting yourself with exclusive offerings and guidelines aimed at enhancing your travel experience :

Exemplary Services : Bahamasair is committed to delivering a diverse array of services, ensuring passenger satisfaction across all cabin classes. Experience personalized attention and superior onboard amenities regardless of your chosen cabin.

Loyalty Program : Bahamasair has a frequent flier loyalty program tailored for a smoother, more fulfilling travel experience.

Advantages of Membership :
Get compensated for each mile you fly with Miles Flown. You will now be credited with actual miles flown, giving you more chances to accrue points as you soar through the skies.
It's easy to sign up for their loyalty program with just 250 miles. This allows you to start right away on the path to great rewards.

Exclusive Membership : The loyalty program is divided into different tiers, and you can earn miles accordingly. Tier Levels Based on Mileage :
➔ Bronze Level : 5,000 - 10,000 miles
➔ Silver Level : 10,001 - 15,000 miles
➔ Gold Level : 15,001 - 20,000 miles
➔ Platinum Level : 20,001 miles and above

Passionate Customer Service : Bahamasair Airlines' devoted services provide exquisite service to their cherished frequent flier members. You can enjoy a luxurious treatment after becoming a frequent flier member :
Members of Bahamasair Frequent Flier have their own check-in queue.
Acknowledgment and a cordial greeting upon arrival.
Pre-boarding with priority for Platinum and Gold members.
In-flight Recognition where passengers can experience a personalized touch when flying.
Prior to departure, Frequent Flier members receive a special greeting from the cabin crew.


1.What is Bahamasair Airlines' baggage policy?

Each passenger is allowed one item of baggage onboard, both on domestic and international flights. The baggage must be subject to weight and height restrictions according to the airlines’ policies.

2. How can I check my Bahamasair Airlines flight status?

You can easily check your Bahamasair Airline flights status online through web check-in, using the app, or at the airport kiosks.

3. What happens in the event of delays or cancellations of my Bahamasair Airline flight bookings?

In case your Bahamasair Airline reservations are delayed or canceled, you will be re-routed to the next flight. You will be provided with comfortable accommodations as well, in certain cases, inclusive of meals and incidental expenses.

4. Does Bahamasair provide services for people in need?

Bahamasair Airlines provides wheelchair services for people in need. The airline is considerate of its passengers and assists them with the needed facilities onboard, as well as aids for the visually impaired. You just need to inform the airline in advance.

5. Does Bahamasair allow traveling with furry friends?

Bahamasair Airlines is very accommodating and allows you to travel with your pets under certain regulations. You can take a maximum of two pets, cats and dogs, on the Bahamasair Airline flights accompanied by their carriages.

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